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Tianzhuo’s Acid Club


文: 赵梦莎






TEXT: Sasha Zhao

Tianzhuo’s Acid Club is a temporary club created by artist Tianzhuo in the Star Gallery space. Of course, one may understand the club as a refuge, a meditation room, or a temple for worship. Here, Tianzhuo leverages his position as artist to mobilize all manner of visitors in a carnivalesque gathering, effectively testing the dichotomy of exhibition experience between ordinary visitors and art world insiders. With this congregation, the artist maliciously annuls the political implications of the gallery as a platform for the promotion and dissemination of art. It is a vain attempt to reverse day and night, to turn the gallery into an adventure park for artists, freelancers, opinion leaders, Internet celebrities, drug dealers, con artists, brokers, and buyers.

Acid club welcomes you. Artists are welcome. Losers are welcome. Amidst the brilliance of illusion, you are welcome to exchange bodily fluids, to exchange ideas, to seek cheap thrills, to drink in celebration of a short-lived tomorrow. (Excerpts)



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Filmed and interviewed by Vice